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Klotz Synthetic Lubricants for Powersports

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Racers, performance enthusiasts and everyday riders alike know the importance of maintaining a well-oiled machine. Klotz Synthetic Lubricants knows this as well, which is why they’re committed to producing the best lubrication products available. Founded by John C. Klotz and headquartered in Fort Wayne, IN, Klotz has been meeting the high-performance needs of riders since 1959. Using Klotz lubricants from Dennis Kirk will help your motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile get to the finish line first time and again.

Whatever oil or lubricant you’re looking for, Klotz has your back. We stock both two-cycle and four-cycle engine oil for any powersport machine. Klotz synthetic engine oil is designed to inhibit rust and reduce sludge, and is even compatible with regular oil. Step up performance further using Klotz Super Techniplate Racing Oil for high RPM engines, with a proprietary synthetic base and castor bean oil mix for use with nitro, ethanol or regular gasoline. Adding Klotz synthetic racing lubricant further protects your engine, and will improve throttle response while eliminating plug fouling and corrosion.

Never worry about a stuck chain again when you use Klotz chain lube and chain case lube. KLR Chain Lube repels water, dirt and sand while loosening stiff links. Furthermore, it stays on your chain and won’t be flung off. Klotz chain case lube includes graphite molecules to reduce friction and drag while eliminating rust and corrosion. You also find fuel treatments to keep your machine starting and running great. Klotz FazeSeparation absorbs water in ethanol and gasoline engines and prevents dry-outs, while Klotz Storbilizer keeps fuel mixtures stable when your machine is in storage.

Klotz is committed to mastering the science of powersport lubrication, and spends endless hours testing each product and then proving its worth on the race track. By the time you use any Klotz lubricant, it’s already taken the checkered flag, and will help you do the same. Dennis Kirk has the guaranteed lowest prices on Klotz products, and will ship them to you the day you order them so you can quickly experience winning performance.