As a company based in Portland Oregon, the team at Icon Motorsports is no stranger to bad riding conditions. Between busy streets and rainy days, these are riders that have developed their riding skills in some hazardous conditions. What better way to even the odds than with some high quality riding boots? Give yourself every advantage for your next motorcycle ride. Get yourself some Icon motorcycle boots.

Here at Dennis Kirk, we know the importance of wearing the right gear. So, when we first heard about Icon Motorsports, stocking their motorcycle apparel for our website was a no-brainer. Now, we have all of our favorites from the Icon boot line right here on our website.

We do our best not to pick favorites in our product selection, but every once in a while, our favoritism will show. And every once in a while, we won’t even try to hide it. Of all our Icon motorcycle footwear, the Icon Joker waterproof boot has to be our favorite. Any company based out of Portland Oregon will have a healthy respect for the rain, and it shows in these boots. These boots are waterproof, with a rugged boot appearance and an athletic feel. You won’t have to worry about getting wet when you wear the Joker waterproof boot. At least, not about your feet.

Just because we have a favorite, doesn’t mean that all of these boots aren’t great! When choosing a boot from Icon, you really can’t go wrong. Grab the moto boot that fits your needs and place your order! We will have it shipped out as soon as we can. If they cost more than $89, we will ship them out for free. Thank you for shopping for Icon motorcycle boots at Dennis Kirk.