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After distinguishing himself in a number of motorcycle races in the 1960’s, Mr. Giuseppe Visenzi took it upon himself to establish GIVI, a motorcycle accessories company. It turned out that his success was not to be limited to just racing a motorcycle as the company has been a great success, becoming a worldwide supplier of motorcycle accessories. Here at Dennis Kirk, we have a special appreciation for motorcycle products that are made by riders, for riders. That’s why we had to stock such a large selection of GIVI motorcycle luggage.

Storage has always been an issue motorcyclists struggle with. Whether you’re on a cross country road trip or just bringing home a couple groceries, a lack of storage can complicate things and transform a fun ride into a stressful, uncomfortable endeavor.

GIVI has made a wide variety of luggage options. From top cases to side cases, from soft bags to aluminum shells, they have made a wide range of options that is sure to have what you need.

These luggage options aren't going to be very useful if you don’t have a way to mount them! Make sure that you grab a corresponding mounting rack and hardware.

They sell more than just luggage! They also back rests, tie down straps, and even flasks! The back rests can be mounted right to a GIVI top case, meaning you are not only gaining storage, you are gaining comfort! You’ll be glad to have a backrest as you near the end of a long day’s ride.

The options feel endless. When you have finally shopped through all of the products in front of you, place your order! We will ship your order as soon as we can, and if your order is more than $89, we will even ship it for free. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.