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There is a reason that they call motocross an extreme sport. Your track might take you flying over a jump, into a hairpin turn, and then right over another jump, all at breakneck speeds, surrounded closely by other riders. For anything less than a skilled rider, this is a recipe for disaster. No one is doubting your riding abilities. We’re sure that you know how to tear it up. But, even the best riders can take a spill, and a spill while riding a dirt bike can be seriously dangerous. Here at Dennis Kirk, we don’t just want you to win. We want you to do it safely. That’s why we’ve stocked a great selection of Fox protective gear for you, our loyal customers.

We’ve made sure to stock everything you will need to be covered from head to toe, and this page is devoted to everything that goes in between. Knee guards, chest protectors, elbow pads, and more. We carry all of this important gear right here in a variety of sizes. No matter your age, gender, or size, we think that we will have what you need.

One of the most popular pieces of protective gear that we carry is Fox Racing’s Airframe Pro Jacket CE Chest protector. This Chest deflector is designed with an articulating back plates for a better range of motion. They have CE level 2 coverage on the back, and level 1 coverage on the chest and shoulder! This gear uses top of the line design to offer you unparalleled protection.

Whether you choose to buy the Airframe Pro CE chest deflector or something else entirely, you can feel confident knowing that your Fox protective gear will keep you as safe as possible during your next dangerous ride. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.