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Fly Racing is a name that has become iconic in the motorsports industry. Their name has become synonymous with quality, innovation, and great value. Here at Dennis Kirk, these characteristics are everything that we have tried to offer to our customers. So, when offered the chance to stock Fly Racing jackets for our customers, we had to jump on it. Now, we carry a great selection of them for our customers to choose from.

We carry a great variety of jackets here for our customers to choose from. We carry pit jackets, casual jackets, and snowmobile jackets, all from Fly Racing. No matter what sport you’re into, no matter what kind of jacket you need, we think you’ll find something suitable right here.

The most popular jacket in our selection from Fly Racing is their SNX Pro jacket. The jacket has a removable liner inside of a waterproof membrane. It is equipped with vents that are designed to keep you cool while keeping snow out. Also working towards this goal, is the powder skirt that will be snug around your hips. All of this comes packed in an abrasion resistant, reflective jacket.

This might be our favorite snowmobile jacket, but it’s far from your only option! Grab the jacket that best suits your needs, and we will have it shipped as soon as we can. If it’s more than $89, we will even ship it out for free. Why do we do it? Because we like to take care of our customers!

When you’ve given your jacket a try, come back and leave a review! We have a feeling that you will love your jacket, but even if you don’t, customers would be glad to hear your honest opinion. Thank you for shopping for Fly Racing jackets at Dennis Kirk.