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Demon Powersports is a company that has devoted themselves to developing axles for a more extreme type of rider. If you are rider with aftermarket tires, if you have a couple extra horses under the hood, if you take the road less traveled, even when it’s filled with boulders, then Demon Powersports is for you. They only do one thing, and they do it well. The axles they’ve produced are ready for all of the abuse that you can put them through. But, you don’t have to take our word for it; see for yourself.

OEM CV axles are tough, but they aren’t perfect. They’re OEM, and they can handle an OEM machine. But, as soon as you start tinkering with your engine and drivetrain, you start putting extra strain on your axles. Too much strain, and eventually the axle is going to snap.

That’s why Demon Powersports has developed their heavy duty axles. These axles have a wider range of motion and a stronger axle shaft and stronger CV joint. When you choose a heavy duty axle, you aren’t just buying an axle. You’re buying peace of mind.

A worry-free ride is just a few clicks away now, and a delivery truck, of course. But, the good news is that we offer free shipping on orders over $89. If you buy Demon UTV axles, we have a feeling you’ll fit the requirements, meaning more savings in your pocket.

Finding the right axle for you is easy, thanks to our “Find Parts Fast” tool. At the top of the page, input your UTV’s year, make and model. We will then present you with all of the axles you want, and none of them that you don’t. This is just another way that we aim to help, here at Dennis Kirk.