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Curve Industries first opened their doors in 2007, shipping their first pair of skis just a few months later. They might not have the oldest, most storied history. But, what they do have is far more important; an incredible product line. They have created a wide range of snowmobile skis and accessories that are made to improve your sled in a whole range of ways. We’ll tell you all about them, right here.

One product worth discussing are there ski thrusters! They mount on your Curve Industry skis and increase your flotation and cornering. These thrusters are a great way to improve the handling of your sled.

Another great product are their Leading Edge Runners. These products are a must own for all of you trail riders. These edge runners mount on the bottom of the ski and they break up the snow, keeping your carbides free from the ruts of previous riders. With these on your skis, your snowmobile will ride straight as an arrow on its own terms.

These are just two of our favorite unique products from Curve Industries, but we sell plenty of others that would serve you well. Curve industry skis are high quality and are even sold individually; if you break a ski, you won’t want to buy two of them, and you won’t have to! They also sell things like ski loops, ski loop plates, and mounting kits for your skis. When it comes to skis, Curve industries has thought of everything so that you don’t have to.

Once you have found everything you need, place your order. We will have it sitting at your door in no time, and if that order comes out to more than $89, you’ll be getting it shipped for free. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.