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No one crashes on purpose. Every morning, when you hop on your bike, you picture the ride you’re about to embark on. You don’t picture laying your bike down. You don’t picture hitting a patch of sand as you turn into a parking lot, your bike slipping out from beneath. You might not plan on dinging up your bike anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. When that happens, we recommend turning to Constructor’s Racing Group. Constructor’s Racing Group makes high quality products that are made to last through the best and worst of times.

CRG is based out of California, building parts like brake levers, clutch levers, and mirrors. Their brake and clutch levers are quite unique; they are made to fold in the instance of a crash. If you have ever laid your bike down, then you know that clutch and brake levers always seem to be the first thing to break. These brake and clutch levers are made as a solution to this problem; they are made to fold instead of snap, meaning that when pick your bike up again, you can hopefully still ride it home.

There are a whole lot of levers on this page. Save yourself some trouble in your search and put in your sled’s make, year, and model at the top of the screen. Once you do, we will get rid of all of the levers and mirrors that won’t fit your bike properly anyways.

Once you have found your CRG motorcycle controls, place your order! We will ship your order the same day it is placed, and if your order is over $89, we will even do it for free. And remember: Just because your brake levers can handle a crash, doesn’t mean that you need to test it! Stay safe out there. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.