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Cardo Scala Rider Motorcycle Communicators

Closeout Cardo Systems Motorcycle Communication Systems & Parts

The “lone rider” may be a staple of biker mythology, but for many, cruising down the road is a social experience. For too long these group riders could do little more than make head or hand gestures toward each other – but thanks to Cardo Systems, a new world of possibilities has opened up. Cardo introduced its Scala Rider Bluetooth line in 2004, creating a previously non-existent product: the motorcycle communication system. Since then, Cardo has continued to add firsts to its résumé as they revolutionize the social motorcycle riding experience.

Dennis Kirk carries all the latest Cardo Systems motorcycle communications systems and accessories to make your next run even more enjoyable. The Scala Rider system lets you do everything behind the handlebars that you can do behind the wheel – and sometimes even more. With Click-to-Link technology, you can instantly connect to other nearby users with no special software need, allowing you to talk with them as you ride. Answer important calls hands-free by connecting your mobile phone, or plug in a GPS device for in-ear directions. You can even listen to your favorite tunes by connecting a Bluetooth music player, mp3 player or smartphone – or just use the built-in FM radio.

Advanced Cardo communication systems include intercoms that let you simultaneously talk to multiple riders up to a mile away, or link your music soundtrack to your passenger’s helmet. Scala Rider Packtalk intercoms are designed especially for mass communication, allowing you to coordinate on a large scale. They also give you additional call functions, and will even automatically transfer you from intercom to mobile phone if you get out of range. Each model is designed to last all day when fully charged, so you’ll never cut out in the middle of something important. Make sure to allow check out accessories such as replacement speakers and travel chargers to help you stay connected when you’re on the move. Dennis Kirk will ship orders of $89 or more absolutely free, and our Tech Team will help you figure out what Cardo communication system is right for you.