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Caliber Trailer Accessories

Caliber trailer accessories make transporting your machine safer and easier to do. All pieces are precision engineered and lead the industry in quality and innovation. Whether you’re hauling a snowmobile or an ATV, Caliber trailer parts will make loading much easier. Plus, the life of your trailer decking will be prolonged for many more riding seasons to come. Installation of Caliber products is fairly straightforward and easy to do as well.

Your snowmobile’s carbides and track studs can be harmful to the bare plywood of a snowmobile trailer. Caliber ski glides and track mats prevent the wood from being chewed up by creating a durable protective layer. Plus the guides make loading much easier by guiding the skis where they need to go. The Caliber Edge Glider and Flex Glide systems make loading on enclosed trailers a breeze. No more lifting the sled to point it in the right direction.

Loading an ATV on a bare tilt trailer can be difficult to do, especially if it is wet. Caliber Grip Glides provide the traction that you need to get your wheeler up, without spinning or sliding. Drive-off ramp shields make unloading much easier by being able to drive forward off of non-tilt trailers.

We carry all the Caliber trailer accessories you need to keep your trailer protected and to make loading/unloading easier at Dennis Kirk. We keep everything in stock and ready to ship to you fast so you can get your machine to your riding destination. Our tech team will be able to answer any questions you may have about layout and installation.