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Carbides are not the most exciting component that you have bought. At a glance, they don’t look like much. They look like hunk of metal, something to stick under your ski and forget about. The truth is, they are anything but! Carbides can vary greatly in quality and design. Here at Dennis Kirk, we know the difference in carbides all too well, and we choose Bottom Line wear rods to keep us on the trail.

Bottom Line has put together a great selection of wear bars with carbides that will fit a wide range of sleds. No matter what kind of sled you are riding, they’ll be able to fit your sled. If you want to cut to the chase and avoid the wear rods that wouldn’t fit your sled anyways, go to the top of the screen and put in your machine’s make, model, and year, and we will show you all of the wear rods that you can actually use. Bottom Line favors a 75 degree angle on their carbides, offering a great combination of a durability and aggressive grip. This angle is suitable for a wide range of riders, odds are that it will be perfect for you.

Once you’ve found the wear rods that will fit, you’ll still have to choose how long of a carbide to buy! As a general rule, the longer your track and the more aggressive your drive style, the longer your carbide should be. That being said, the vast majority of trail riders would be fine with either 4 or 6 inch carbides.

Once you have found the perfect Bottom Line carbide for your sled, place your order! We’ll do our best to get your order out the very same day. And remember, orders over $89 ship free, so if you want to chase some savings, keep on shopping.