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Snowmobile goggles have to deal with a lot. Maintaining clear vision has always been an issue that snowmobilers struggle with, and it is no surprise. On the coldest days, you run the risk fog covering your lenses. On warmer days, you run the risk of snow melting on your lenses and making a mess of things. And, a lot of the time, you run the risk of both. With this in mind, it’s all too important that you get nothing but the best for your eyes. As a motorsports gear and apparel supplier, when we came to the task of stocking snowmobile goggles, we knew we had to stock a selection from 509. 509 makes high quality goggles that are perfect for snowmobilers.

509 goggles are top notch. But our favorite of this top of the line selection has to be their Sinister X5 Ignite heated goggles. These goggles have a heated dual lens. It’s powered with a rechargeable lithium ion powerpack and offers 4-5 hours of continuous runtime. These goggles offer unparalleled performance and vision, making your riding experience crystal clear and better than ever.

Of course, you might not be here to buy a new pair of goggles; you might simply be here for some lenses! If you need new lenses for your 509 goggles, you are in the right place. We carry a great selection in a variety of tints. Whether you want to go with the smoke tint you had before, or you want to try out an orange tint, or a clear lens, we’ll be able to help.

When you have found everything you need, place your order. We will ship it out the very same day, and if your order costs more than $89, we will even ship it for free. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.