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When it comes to your ATV, UTV, motorcycle or dirt bike, knowledge is power. The knowledge to ride it, the knowledge to fix it. Of course, this includes knowing that there is a problem when your ride is underperforming! This is just one thing that Trail Tech gauges are good for. Here at Dennis Kirk, we know how important it is to keep tabs on everything going on in your machine, from ignition to exhaust. That’s why we’ve stocked a great selection of Trail Tech gauges for our customers to choose from.

Trail Tech is known for their stators, kickstands, GPS systems, and more. They make all of them for snowmobiles, motorcycle, ATVs and UTVs. Their cutting edge products can be found around the nation, used by professional riders and weekend warriors alike.

We’ve mentioned the wide variety of products that they manufacture, but here at Dennis Kirk, we have emphasized stocking their digital gauges above all else. It shows, as we now have more than 100 on our website! We’ve done our best to carry a wide variety of gauges. You’ll find tachometers, water temp gauges, speedometers, thermometers, and seemingly every combination besides. No matter what you are looking to track, we’d bet Trail Tech has made a gauge for it.

One of our favorite products on this page are the Trail Tech digital fan kits. They are mounted up underneath your dirt bike and monitor the temp of your engine. Then, when things get too toasty, the fan kicks on and brings your bike back to an optimal operating temp. This product doesn’t just monitor the temperature, it does something about it.

When you have found everything that you came for, place your order! We will have it shipped out and waiting at your door in no time. Thank you for shopping for Trail Tech accessories at Dennis Kirk.