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Speed and Strength

Speed and Strength motorcycle gear is the fastest growing street brand in America because it provides an aggressive style for riders who want to show off their urban riding style. When you are pushing your skills on your bike, you want to have confidence in your gear to protect you and you get that with Speed & Strength. They leave the loud and bright colors for the other guys. S/S motorcycle gear is built to the highest quality and then tested to destruction to set a higher standard. Speed and Strength is more than just a line of motorcycle apparel. When you wear it, you are part of community of riders who share the love of absolute acceleration. We understand that love here at Dennis Kirk and that is why we are so excited to carry Speed and Strength motorcycle apparel and helmets.

We carry a full range of men's and Women's riding gear including, Speed and Strength jackets, helmets, boots and gloves. Their gear will protect your body and your bank, with high quality production all at a reasonable price. At Dennis Kirk, you will get the best price on your Speed and Strength gear and helmets and we will ship them to you faster than anyone.