You’ll turn heads everywhere you ride when you trust Nolan Helmets for your motorcycle head gear. Ever since they were founded in 1972 in Bergamo, Italy, Nolan has produced motorcycle helmets that offer maximum protection with a distinctive flair that reflects their Italian heritage. And unlike competitors who’ve slashed costs by moving production elsewhere, Nolan continues to produce every helmet in-house in Bergamo. This means they retain full control over the materials, design and testing of each product so it lives up to their precise standards.

Dennis Kirk carries a wide selection of Nolan motorcycle helmets, helmet intercoms and accessories so you can find the gear that’s right for you. One of their most popular products is the Nolan modular helmet, a full-face helmet with a convenient flip-up face shield. Racers and other frequent riders will love the innovative Nolan N104 helmet with its lightweight design, pivoting chin bar, Airbooster ventilation system and other great features. A number of other modular motorcycle helmets are available, including the versatile Nolan N44. This revolutionary 6-in-1 helmet allows you to add or remove the face shield, chin bar and peak to match your riding needs.

Nolan manufactures helmets for every two-wheeled street rider, whether your bike of choice is a metric cruiser, sport bike, Harley or café racer. Each model is available in a variety of sizes, styles and bright colors, from the red and white Nolan Caribe to the arctic gray N91. Many helmets are also equipped for Nolan’s N-Com modular communication system. This intuitive system integrates perfectly into your helmet, allowing you to talk clearly with passengers, other riders or on your mobile phone. You can even listen to music or get directions from a GPS navigation device.

Nolan Helmets stands behind their products with a five-year limited warranty on all helmets and a two-year limited warranty on all communication systems. You can also order replacement face shields, pivot kits, multimedia wires and other accessories to spruce up your existing helmet. All Nolan bike helmets meet DOT safety standards, and you’ll get free same-day shipping on orders over $89 from Dennis Kirk.