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Riding in the open air is what riding a motorcycle is all about. But with that comes that chance of being hit with bugs, rocks and driving rain. A motorcycle windshield that is designed for your needs can keep that clean air flowing, yet deflect the annoying and harmful debris that can ruin a ride. A windshield can also lessen the amount of air that hits you to reduce the wind chill on those colder rides. Fairings and some windscreens were developed to improve the aerodynamics of the bike and can make the ride more stable and improve times.

Whether you ride a cruiser, bagger, sport bike, dual sport or anything in between, a motorcycle windshield can improve your riding experience. Air management can make your ride a lot more enjoyable when you have it set for the way you ride. By keeping the wind from blasting you all day long, rider fatigue is greatly reduced and you can stay fresh longer. In addition, you will also be protected from the elements, bugs and debris. A lot of aftermarket options offer great scratch resistance to keep it looking like new for longer. With different mounting options, ranging from fairing, handlebar and fork mounting, a windshield can be placed on any style of bike. Quick release mounting allows you to remove the shield fast in case you want to ride without one or if you are covering the bike.

Fairings were developed to reduce the amount of air drag on the motorcycle, which in turn makes the bike more efficient and can also reduce the amount of fuel consumption. Sport bikes with fairings see the most performance gains when they are full faired because they are far more aerodynamic. Cruisers and baggers also can see an increase in performance, but a major benefit of a batwing fairing or sharknose fairing are protection. Many aftermarket fairings also include great features like an improved sound system compared to stock.

When you want to improve your wind management, look no further than Dennis Kirk’s great selection of motorcycle windshields and fairings. We keep everything in stock so we can ship your parts the same day that you order. That way you can get back to riding in no time instead of waiting for your windshield to arrive. If you’re not sure what type of windshield is right for your bike, be sure to check out our Motorcycle Windshield Buying Guide .