You may be the safest rider on the planet, but you still can’t account for the random and uncontrollable events that can happen to you while riding a motorcycle. And as the saying goes, “there are two kinds of riders, those who have gone down and those who will.” That’s why it is so important to always be prepared with motorcycle survival/safety gear and first aid kits. If you’re lucky, you will never need to use any of it, but it can be the difference maker you need to make it home.

Prepared motorcycle first aid kits carry almost everything you need to fix up the most common motorcycling injuries and accidents. That includes minor burns/sunburn, cuts/scrapes, insect bites and eye injuries. Plus, these kits are small and can be stored in just about any type of luggage. Survival gear can help you stay alive if you need to spend an extended period of time out in the wilderness away from civilization. Safety gear can be used at all times when you’re riding to help prevent damage and injury.

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