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When working on something as prized as your motorcycle, it’s always best to have the right tools for the job. This includes the motorcycle ramps that you use to haul it. Sure, you might be able to make a long 2x8 work, but we wouldn’t recommend trying! That’s why we keep all these great motorcycle loading ramps on hand, to help folks like you get the job done right.

What you might need in a ramp depends on a few different things. The most important factors are the height of the truck or trailer that you are loading your motorcycle into and the ground clearance of your motorcycle.

If you are loading into a trailer, which generally would sit lower than a truck, then you might be able to get away with one of the shorter ramps. Though this is still dependent on the ground clearance of your bike. The less ground clearance you have, the longer the ramp will need to be.

If you have good ground clearance and you’re loading into a low trailer, our five-foot ramp might do the trick. It also happens to be the most affordable in our selection, which is always nice.

If you have either questionable ground clearance or you are loading into the back of a truck, we strongly suggest going with a longer loading ramp. Our ramps go all the way up to 89 inches in length, and the long ones fold in half, making them much more practical to store.

If you are still worried about your bike cruising up the 89-inch ramp, consider trying one of our arched ramps. These ramps take away from the sharpness of the angle where the ramp and the truck meet, which will help you ride on without getting hung up.

If you have the arched ramp and you are still concerned, there is one last trick you can try. Backing your truck or trailer up to a hill can almost completely take away the angle that you were worried about. This little trick has saved us more than once!

Our hardworking warehouse team is eager to process your order as soon as you’re ready, we hope your new ramp serves you well!