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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 283
When it’s time to put your bike away after a ride or when it’s time to work on it, don’t just let the bike sit on the ground. Use motorcycle lifts and stands to raise the bike off of the ground to make it easier to work on and to help preserve your tires. Being able to lift the bike to a more manageable height can make working on it much easier to do and will save your bike. Center jack stands are perfect for larger motorcycles because they are able to lift the bike. For lighter bikes, like dirt bikes, a fixed center stand can be used because you are able to lift the bike onto the stand yourself. Rear stands are great for sport bikes to get lift the rear tire off the ground for chain, brake and tire maintenance. Roller wheel stands allow you to spin the wheel in place, making it easy to clean and service the wheels.

Before choosing a motorcycle lift or stand, you need to be sure that it will work for your motorcycle. Motorcycle stands have a load rating and should not be overloaded. So before choosing a stand, be sure that your bike does not exceed the load rating. Some rear stands will work on bikes without axle spools, but not all of them. A non-stick surface on the lift or stand helps ensure that it will stay in place while lifted off of the ground. Some stands have a hole in the middle to make draining the oil and easier and cleaner process.

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