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Motorcycle belt drive systems have become one of the most common cruiser and touring final drives because they present a great compromise in all areas. One of the best reasons for choosing a belt drive is because they provide a consistent chassis attitude and a smooth ride. This makes going for long rides on your touring bike more enjoyable. Maintenance on motorcycle belt drive systems is also fairly minimal and they run much cleaner than chain drives. A motorcycle drive belt will outlast a chain many miles over. Belts are also far quieter than a chain. Some downfalls are that gearing is more limited and that the teeth on the pulleys can sheer under high torque loads. If power is what you’re after, there are belt drive systems that can handle the torque of a built engine.

Motorcycle drive belts have come a long ways since the introduction of leather belts. Now, drive belts are reinforced with Kevlar and carbon fiber to improve the tensile strength and to extend the service life. Some belts have teeth covered with a fabric reinforcement to improve the wear resistance caused by the pulleys. The teeth, or cogs, are also be constantly evolved to allow the belt to run quieter and smoother than the belts that have come before them.

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