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EK Motorcycle Chains

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Anyone who’s ever stepped on a Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha or Suzuki knows that Japan takes motorcycles seriously. When you add an EK drive chain to your bike, you’ll see how that commitment to excellence extends to aftermarket parts as well. Since their founding in 1941, EK Chain has practically been obsessed with quality and innovation. They created the first O-ring sealed chain in 1974, and their factories are ISO 9001 certified for the highest levels of precision and safety. If your ride of choice is a sport bike, metric cruiser or dirt bike, chances are an EK chain will be your drive chain of choice as well.

No matter what your riding level or budget, you can find EK drive chains that are right for you. The EK Sport Series Chain is their best-selling line, with great performance and value for unmodified street motorcycles. Like all their products, these unsealed drive chains are made using solid roller construction, and are pre-stretched for minimal adjusting after installation. O-ring technology takes center stage in the EK X 3D chain, with precise forging, solid bushings and quad-staked riveting for improved acceleration and efficient cruising. And serious competitors deserve serious equipment such as the EK SRX2 Series Chain, with a Quadra X-Ring design that reduces friction and increases longevity by at least 50 percent compared to the X 3D.

A number of chain color options are available, including chrome, black, gold and even blue or red to add an additional coolness factor. And installation is a breeze thanks to their master connecting link sets, securing your chain in place without the need for specialized tools. Easily pick out a drive chain that fits your motorcycle or ATV by using our Find Parts Fast tool, or contact our experts by phone or email. You’ll also get free same-day shipping on any order that tops $89 to further sweeten our low prices. Start shopping today for the best chain your machine will ever wear!