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Whether you are working on a project bike or you just bought a brand new Harley, customization is always better. Your bike is never truly “finished”. There is always something that you’d like to change which leads to another weekend project that will take you closer to the perfect bike. Here at Dennis Kirk, we see aftermarket motorcycle parts as the watercolors that we use to paint our motorcycle masterpiece. If you want to paint your own metaphorical masterpiece, then CycleSmiths motorcycle parts are the paint to use.

One of the most common aftermarket additions to motorcycles, especially baggers, are some ape hangers. They give your bike an aggressive appearance that is sure to turn heads as you rumble down the street. CycleSmiths makes them in black and chrome and a whole plethora of heights. Whether you want just a slight raise, or handlebars so high that you have to check the lane next to you by looking under your armpit, they’ll have the right handlebars for you.

They do more than just handlebars; they make saddlebag extensions, brake pedal covers, banana board covers, and footpegs. They have parts that will turn your bagger into your dream bike! Once you have found all of the parts that you need to build your dream bike (for now), place your order! We’ll have it waiting at your door in no time. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.