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One of the most terrifying nightmares we have ever had revolved around us waking up on a beautiful Saturday morning. A peculiar setting, right? Bear with us. We wake up on this beautiful morning and immediately decide that what we want is a long motorcycle ride, capped off with a cup of coffee at a coffee shop next to the water. We get dressed, putting on our motorcycle jacket as we picture the wind through our hair and the roar of our bike. We walk out to our garage, pulling on our gloves before trying to start our bike. This is where everything goes wrong. Our bike does nothing when we try to fire it up; it sits there, clicking in pathetic defeat. Our heart starts racing, aching as we realize that we won’t be going on a ride today. We let out a deafening scream before finally waking up from this nightmare, hands shaking, beads of sweat across our brow. Maybe you have had this nightmare before; worse yet, maybe you have lived it. If you have lived through a scenario like this, you are in the right place. Compufire electrical parts are the perfect cure for whatever ails your bike.

Compufire manufactures a wide range of products that will help to keep your bike purring like a kitten. From starters and stators, to alternators and trigger rotors, Compufire’s selection is fantastically diverse. Sifting through this many products might feel a little overwhelming. Don’t waste your time! Use the categories on the left side of the screen to narrow the results down to only the products that you are actually interested in!

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