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CKX Snowmobile Helmets & Apparel

For 25 years, CKX has been helping snowmobile riders seek out the thrills and adventures they crave while keeping them safe doing so. Founded in Quebec in 1991, the company designs and manufactures an assortment of snowmobile helmets and apparel that meet or exceed rider’s standards, are comfortable to wear and let riders express themselves with panache. Each helmet is filled with the passion that drives enthusiasts around the world as they seek out new challenges and lose themselves in the freedom of the next ride.

Dennis Kirk carries CKX snowmobile helmets in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and lens types so you can find the right one for your needs. Whether you choose the all-around protection of CKX modular snow helmets, the versatility of dual sport snow helmets or the carbon fiber toughness of MX style snow helmets, you’ll get a rugged piece that protects you from the elements and from accidents. Available features include a retractable inner sun visor, chin guards with a quick release button, padded chin straps and antibacterial inner liners. Some MX style helmets even include a GoPro camera mount for filming your next adventure.

A number of colors and patterns are available, with everything from standard black to bright orange and gray to project the right riding image. All shields have dual lenses for durability, and some CKX helmets include an optional electric shield, which practically eliminates fogging and is a must if you ride wearing prescription glasses. And you can easily find replacement shields, breath guards, visors, liners and other accessories to replace any worn or cracked pieces on your favorite helmet and keep it on the trails longer.

All CKX helmets for snowmobiles from Dennis Kirk include a helmet bag for storage and transport along with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty - and if you register your new helmet on the CKX web site, they’ll extend the warranty an additional two years. Use our Snowmobile Helmet Guide to help you select the right one for you. When you order from us, you’ll get same-day shipping and no-hassle returns to go with the lowest guaranteed prices.