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Castle X Apparel & Protective Gear

For more than 40 years, Castle X has been producing performance apparel that meets the needs of riders in winter or summer. Castle X snowmobile gear can be found anywhere from the X-games to the mountains, with colorful and unique designs made from the best modern materials. With thick water resistant jackets, durable and comfortable bibs, fully insulated adjustable gloves and heavy duty riding boots, you’ll be warmer and safer on every ride. We also have Castle X protective gear in stock to protect your head and face. Their all-in-one snow helmets are a revolutionary new design, while their snow goggles combine quality construction with great style.

Two-wheeled riders are in luck as well with our Castle X motorcycle apparel. Castle X motorcycle jackets feature pre-curved sleeves, removable insulated linings and pockets for inserting molded armor. A variety of gloves are available for all riding seasons, including summer gloves, mid-season gloves and fingerless gloves. And a pair of black kicker boots with reinforced toe boxes is just what you need to protect your feet in all riding conditions.

Castle X performance apparel is for riders of all kinds, and they offer a wide section of women’s gear as well as men’s gear. Whether your preferred riding temperature is 100 degrees or 10 below, you’ll have the right combination of style, comfort and durability to ride all day long. Dennis Kirk has a large inventory of Castle X gear and offers free same-day shipping on any order that exceeds $89.