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Canyon Dancer Motorcycle Straps

Unless you’re truly hardcore, most people transport their bike to the track or trail rather than riding it over. But if you’re strapping it onto a trailer or in a truck bed, the last thing you want is for rattling, shaking or straining to damage your prized investment. Since 1993, Canyon Dancer motorcycle straps have provided an effective way to safely tie down sport bikes, metric cruisers, dirt bikes and other two-wheeled rides. Their Original Bar Harness revolutionized motorcycle transportation, and Canyon Dancer has been raising the bar – so to speak – ever since then.

For years, the eternal tie-down problem was this: where do you attach straps on a machine covered with bodywork? Canyon Dancer straps from Dennis Kirk solve the problem by turning your bike’s handlebar and grips into a secure mounting point, without a single hook ever making contact with your machine. The Original Bar Harness uses straps made from nylon webbing that support three tons or more of pressure, and uses nylon cuff loops that slide over the handlebar grips. A polar fleece sleeve on the cross strap protects your fuel tank from rubbing and chafing. The Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II replaces the nylon cuffs with a polycarbonate cup that won’t damage soft grips, and relocates the cross straps to prevent contact with the switchgear.

Bar harnesses are available in a variety of lengths and strap widths to secure almost any bike while arriving at the big event in pristine shape. You can also pick up strap rings for securing tie-down hooks along with strapper wrappers that eliminate buckle bruising and strap rash. If you’re not sure what bar harness is right for your bike, contact our Tech Team for expert assistance. We also offer no-hassle returns in case you end up with the wrong size. Canyon Dancer straps are an inexpensive way to prevent big repair costs later, and we’ll ship your order today so you’ll have them in time for your next outing.