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New ACCEL Ignition Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

No matter how many wheels your hot rod has, ACCEL Ignition has parts that will help you get the most out of it. Since their founding more than four decades ago, ACCEL has been leading the pack in the aftermarket ignition systems and fuel systems arena. As one of the newest members of the Holley Performance family, their innovative products continue to take advantage of the latest motorcycle technology, and each part is tested on the track and on the street to ensure that it delivers on its promise.

We have a great selection of ACCEL parts and accessories for Harleys, metric cruisers and other bikes. ACCEL spark plugs may be their signature product, with a larger flash and more complete burn that increases power and throttle response at high RPMs. Reliable ACCEL U-Groove spark plugs and high-performance ACCEL Cyclelite Platinum spark plugs are in stock, along with durable ACCEL spark plug wires that significantly increase the amount of energy delivered to the plugs. An ACCEL coil will up spark energy even further thanks to higher voltage and faster rise times than an OEM coil.

Other ignition products include alternator stators, voltage regulators and solenoids that will fire up your engine every time. But ACCEL does more than ignitions, with a number of accessories to customize your ride. Protect your feet and legs from hot pipes with ACCEL heat shield exhaust wrap, or add a high flow petcock to your fuel tank for getting more gas to the engine. A high temperature sleeving kit will guard your cables against corrosive fluids, abrasions and sunlight. You can even order material for cutting your own gaskets.

Dennis Kirk has been the industry authority in aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories for nearly 50 years, and we trust ACCEL parts on our rides as well as yours. Enter your year, make and model into the Find Parts Fast fitment tool or contact our Tech Team to determine what parts are right for you. In addition to our low prices, we’ll ship orders over $89 for free, and offer no-hassle returns for worry-free shopping.