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When you look at a fully functioning motorcycle, it’s easy to forget about all of the little parts that actually make it happen. You don’t think about the jets in your carb or your starter solenoid. You think about squeal of your tires and the rumble of your exhaust. It’s not until your bike’s not running that you stop and think about all of those little parts under your tank and seat. Luckily, we here at Dennis Kirk haven’t forgotten about these motorcycle parts, and neither has Standard Motor Products. Whatever you might need, you’ll find it here.

Now more than 100 years old, Standard Motor Products is a leading manufacturer of replacement parts for motors and motor vehicles. They distribute their products all over the world through companies just like us.

We carry quite a few of their parts, focusing primarily on their electrical and ignition parts. We carry parts like throttle sensors, relays, solenoids, and oil pressure switches. Our selection is quite diverse, but you can’t be certain that any certain part will fit your Harley. So many of the parts on this page are fitment specific, meaning that they will only fit certain make and models! Tell us what you are riding at the top of the screen where it says “Find Parts Fast”, and we will show you exactly what will fit and hide what won’t.

Don’t forget to put the product reviews to good use! Customers just like yourself have come back and left their honest opinion on the products in our inventory. And if the product you purchase doesn’t have any reviews yet, then it will be all the more important that you come back and leave a review yourself. Future customers would thank you for it if they could. But, one step at a time. It all begins when you place your order!