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Speeds Performance Plus

Speeds Performance Plus
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New Speeds Performance Plus Motorcycle Parts

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Speed's Performance Plus is dedicated to helping you get the absolute most performance out of your motorcycle. Speed's is best known for their mobile custom bike shop that you have probably seen at bike shows across the country. Dennis Kirk is a proud sponsor of the Speed's Performance Plus mobile shop and Dyno because we know that they are working to get you the best results. We also carry Speed's Performance Plus motorcycle parts because they have been developed by some of the most experienced mechanics in the business and your bike will surely benefit from them.

Speed's Performance aftermarket parts are all designed to get the most power and performance out of your bike. The Speedy Flow air cleaner will allow your bike to breathe easier and is Dyno-proven to have gains of 8-10 horsepower over OEM. SPP plug wires boost horsepower by delivering a bigger and more reliable spark. With the knowledge that they have obtained from running their own Dyno, the guys at Speed's know what works and what doesn't. When you buy Speed's Performance parts for your motorcycle at Dennis Kirk, you will be getting them at the best prices, guaranteed.