Snowmobile Battery Chargers

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Here at Dennis Kirk, we have a great variety of snowmobile battery chargers and tenders. Whether you are breaking out your snowmobile with some snow in the forecast or you want a battery tender to run through the summer, we have everything you’ll need to keep your battery and snowmobile in peak condition.

If you’re here looking for a battery charger, well, we hope there isn’t any snow on the ground right now. We’d hate for you to miss out on fresh powder because of a dead battery. But, the good news is that if you order at the right time, our hardworking warehouse staff will be able to get your order shipped today! This means you’ll be spending less time waiting for a charger and more time snowmobiling.

There’s a wide variety of 12-volt battery chargers to choose from, but we have more than that. You’ll find battery chargers in our selection that range from 6 volts to 13.2 volts. We have chargers for lead acid batteries, Lithium batteries, and even some that will do both. With quality brands like Tecmate and Drag Specialties, you know that you’ll be getting a great product, perfect for bringing your battery back to life. We even offer solar powered options, for anywhere the sun might shine.

Battery tenders are a great way to get the most out of your battery. Whether you hook it up in the offseason or after every single ride, you will be helping maintain the batteries integrity and life. And considering the price of a new battery, battery tenders make for a great investment.

If you order your parts and then realize it’s not what you had hoped, that’s okay! Our no hassle return policy makes returns quick and easy. But, whatever you need a charger or tender for, we hope that you find what you need and that it serves you well.