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Harley’s have always been some of the most customizable bikes on the market, so we can’t say we’re surprised to see you here. Harley lowering kits not only give your bike a new look, but for some people, they actually make the bike easier to ride. Whatever reason it is that you are looking at lowering kits, you have come to the right place. Read on to find all of the benefits and advantages of a lowering kit.

The first thing you should know is that lowering kits will affect your bikes handling. People have a difficult time agreeing on exactly how it will affect your riding, but it seems that everyone agrees that it does. Taking it slow until you are used to the change will allow you to acclimate to how your bike now handles.

You will have decreased ground clearance. This probably sounds like a fairly obvious statement; after all, you are literally lowering the bike. But, in the off-chance that you like to put the “speed” in speedbump, you will need to keep that in the back of your mind.

Your shocks are more likely to bottom out as they will not have the same travel as the stock length. Lowering kits lower your bike by tampering with the suspension; the lower you drop the bike, the more suspension you lose. Just another reason to take bumps slowly!

One last thing to consider: update your kickstand as well. Even if your bike can still stand on its old kickstand after you put in the lowering links, it will be standing much more vertically. If you leave your bike that close to vertical, you’ll be practically begging the wind to tip it over and remodel your gas tank.

We hope you find these points useful, and we hope you enjoy your Harley motorcycle lowering kits! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask; we are always happy to help however we can, here at Dennis Kirk.