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Get Hog Tunes to make the next ride on your Harley more enjoyable. HogTunes will give you the best sound as you cruise down the road. At Dennis Kirk, we have everything that you need to install a Hogtunes system on your Harley.

Why choose Hogtunes over regular car or marine speakers? Hog Tunes speakers are designed specifically to give you the clearest sound to cut through your bikes exhaust and other road noises. Car speakers are designed to focus on bass and treble. That is fine when you're in an enclosed area, but doesn't cut it when you're on a motorcycle. The human ear is able to pick up mid-range sounds far easier than bass and treble. Because of that, Hog Tunes are designed to enhance the mid-range sounds coming out of the speakers so your ear will be able to pick up the sound much more clearly.

Hog Tunes motorcycle speakers are also much safer than having ear buds in while you ride. Prolonged use of ear buds can cause ear damage because the sound is intensified so close to the ear drum. Having them in on a motorcycle is even worse because you will have to turn up the volume more than normal. With Hogtunes, you will be able to hear your music even through ear plugs because they are designed to produce the sound at the levels that are easiest to hear.

Dennis Kirk has the best selection of Hog Tunes motorcycle speaker systems and accessories for your Harley. When you order from us, you will be able to ride with your favorite music faster because we will ship your Hogtunes today and all orders over $89 receive FREE SHIPPING!