Aftermarket Harley Frames

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When it comes to your Harley Davidson, you know never to sacrifice quality or integrity when it comes to the frame of your bike. Custom motorcycle frames sold at Dennis Kirk provide functionality and the optimal structure needed for each individual Harley. You will want your bike to stand the test of time while offering maximum performance, which is why you and every other Harley riders should select your frame from the preferred selection of stock at Dennis Kirk.

Are you in the market for a soft-tail or a hard-tail frame for your Harley?

If you’re a fan of hard-tail frames, we know you opt for the stability that comes from the rubber on your bike firmly gripping the pavement of the road. We also know that you would probably choose the look of an old school chopper over the luxury of increased suspension provided by soft-tail frames. Dennis Kirk offers a selection of rigid frames with simple construction, a clean look and an element of simplicity. If you’re a Harley rider with these attributes in mind, take a closer look at some of Dennis Kirk’s custom hard-tail frames.

Soft-tail frames offer active suspension, which provides superior handling and an overall smoother ride for your Harley. These types of frames are ideal for riders who go on longer cruises or who often travel with passengers. The comfort provided by the shock absorbers reduces the amount of contact the bike’s tires have with the road, reducing the bumpiness of your ride.

Whether you’re eyeing frames for your bike’s next upgrade or for your next rebuild project, Dennis Kirk has numerous brands of custom Harley frames to choose from. With its American- made products and outstanding name in the motorcycle frame industry, Paughco offers well-built, easy-to mount frames. Paughco also offers custom Harley handlebars, wheels, exhaust systems, and accessories to finish off your custom build.

Dennis Kirk also features Kraft Tech, another major manufacturer of Harley frames, known for their DOM steel tubing construction and their TIG and MIG welding. Kraft Tech offers frames in multiple styles as well as additional body parts such as fenders and swingarms. Be sure to also check out custom frames from Drag Specialties and Hardbody.

With Dennis Kirk’s wide selection of custom Harley frames, you are sure to find what you need for your next custom build. And once you choose your favorite frame, you will find all of the other aftermarket parts needed to complete the project with Dennis Kirk’s wide variety of Harley parts.