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Cometic Gaskets & Seals

What started as a tiny Ohio-based company in 1989 has emerged as a worldwide leader in gaskets and sealing solutions. Cometic Gasket began exclusively as a powersport manufacturer, and even as they’ve grown into a company trusted by professional and amateur motorsports champions in all disciplines, they’ve maintained dedication to their roots. At Dennis Kirk, we have thousands of Cometic gaskets, seals and accessories in stock for premier performance from any type of machine, whether it's a motorcycle, ATV, dirt bike or snowmobile.

Cometic is dedicated to providing sealing solutions that match any customer’s unique needs. Each product is tested using in-house dynamometers and assembled engines, and they produce gaskets made from a variety of materials to ensure the best performance for any engine type or size. Perhaps you need a Cometic top end gasket kit or bottom end kit made from graphite for rebuilding your dirt bike engine. Or maybe you’ve just done work on your sport bike cylinder head and need a new head gasket. Valve gaskets, ignition cover gaskets and more are available that meet the strictest quality standards.

Cometic gaskets are available for every other part of your ride as well. Reduce clutch wear by sealing it with a clutch cover gasket, or increase the life of your transmission using end cover and derby cover gaskets. Keep dangerous fumes directed away from you with exhaust port gaskets made from any one of four different materials. You can also find crankshaft seals, shifter shaft seals, gear oil seals and other products to making sure nothing but performance oozes from your machine.

The powersport marketplace is always changing, with new technology emerging almost every day. Cometic is in tune with every development, ensuring the newest engines, transmissions and exhaust systems will perform reliably and leak-free even under the most extreme conditions. Take advantage of the same sealing power that the champions use by ordering today from Dennis Kirk. You’ll get free shipping on orders over $89, and our tech team will make sure you get the right gasket made from the right material to meet your needs.