Alpinestars Protective Gear

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Dirt biking is a rush like no other, but it isn’t without its risks. As you cruise around at breakneck speeds, it can be easy to forget that you could get seriously injured if you were to fall. Here at Dennis Kirk, we are fully aware of the risks associated with powersports, but this doesn’t mean that we are accepting them lying down. Instead, in an effort to keep riders safe, we have stocked a great inventory of Alpinestars protective gear. We’re going to take care of our customers, one order at a time.

Alpinestars’ protective gear selection has everything you’ll need to feel covered from head to toe. They make neck supports, chest protectors, and elbow protectors. They make knee braces, kidney belts, and knee guards. No matter what you need, you will find it here.

Our favorite product on this page would be Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon neck supports. These braces offer valuable protection at an often overlooked part of the body. They are constructed with carbon polymer, making them ultra-lightweight. They are then padded with Lycra-laminated foam padding, offering unparalleled comfort.

The neck brace is just one of many great options for dirt bike enthusiasts. With our help, you’ll be outfitted from head to toe. When you have found everything that you need, place your order! We will have it shipped out as soon as we can. Thank you for shopping for Alpinestars MX protective gear at Dennis Kirk.