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Family-owned by the Windover family, Winderosa has been producing powersports gaskets and seals for nearly 30 years. Each Winderosa sealing product is manufactured in the western mountains of Maine using the latest techniques and materials for reliable performance from any part of your engine or drivetrain. At Dennis Kirk, you can find a great selection of Winderosa snowmobile gaskets and accessories to make sure performance is the only thing gushing from your machine this winter.

Whether you ride an Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Polaris or Ski-Doo, Winderosa has your sled’s engine covered. If your engine is due for a rebuild, you can choose from countless complete engine gasket sets that include all the gaskets you’ll need for almost any one-cylinder or two-cylinder engine. You can also get full top end engine gasket kits if you just plan to overhaul the top end of your engine. Every individual gasket and seal is also available for engine work, including reed gaskets, cylinder head gaskets and crankshaft oil seals.

Your exhaust system needs to be properly sealed as well, both for performance and to keep the needed backpressure. Winderosa keeps this part of your snowmobile leak-free as well with a number of exhaust valve gasket sets, plus accessories such as exhaust valve bellows. In addition to performance aftermarket gaskets and seals, Winderosa also makes OEM-equivalent replacement parts for your favorite snowmobile manufacturer, so you know your snowmobile will perform as well or better than factory standards.

With Winderosa gaskets and seals, you’ll get maximum compression from every cylinder for great performance, without ever having to worry about fluids leaking or mixing and ruining your engine. And as a leader in powersports of all kinds since 1969, Dennis Kirk sells only the best and most trustworthy parts and accessories. With our fitment tool, you can enter your ride’s make, model and year to quickly find the Winderosa products right for you. And when you order from us, we’ll ship your new gaskets the same day.