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When you first bought this bike, you knew that it was just the first of many steps. It might have looked great when you bought it, but still, it wasn’t your vision. You’ve been dreaming up this bike for a long time, perfecting the image of your perfect motorcycle. With the parts that you buy here at Dennis Kirk, you might be taking the first step towards that goal, and maybe it’s the last. Regardless, we are confident that the parts that you find here from West Eagle will serve you well.

West Eagle is a high quality supplier of motorcycle parts and accessories, with an emphasis in parts for Choppers and Bobbers. Their parts aren’t going to make your bike faster or more powerful. But, they will make it look unique, one of a kind. We have a feeling they’ll be perfect for your motorcycle rebuild.

West Eagle makes a wide variety of parts and accessories, but the most common on our site are undoubtedly their rear fender kits. These kits are something of a staple for chopper or bobber builds, giving the iconic look that you are going for.

West Eagle fender kits are the most common parts on our site, but they are far from alone. We also sell their heat shields, tail light kits, side bags, and headlight cowls, to name a few. We are confident that we have something for everyone in our selection of West Eagle parts.

When you have found all of the parts that you came for, place your order! We pride ourselves on shipping order the same day that they are placed, and we will aim to do this for you. Thank you for shopping for West Eagle products here at Dennis Kirk, and good luck on your motorcycle rebuild.