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Don't get stranded with a worn out and dead snowmobile battery. At Dennis Kirk, we have the best selection and deals on snowmobile batteries to keep your machine going when you need it to. No matter what you ride, we will have a replacement for your machine.

What Type of Battery Should You Choose

Lithium Ion. If performance and weight savings are what you crave, then a lithium snowmobile battery is what you are looking for. For lifespan, you can expect a lithium to last about twice as long as a standard lead-acid battery. The downfall is that they are a bit pricier and require a special charger.

Gel & AGM. Though these two types are constructed in different ways, their benefits are fairly similar. Both Gel and AGM snowmobile batteries are sealed and can be safely operated at any angle. Their lifespans are also a bit longer than a standard unsealed option. Either a gel or an AGM would be a good choice for someone looking for the middle ground.

Lead Acid. The standard unsealed lead acid battery is by far the cheapest option, but it has its downfalls. It will sulfate faster and is a bit heavier. It also may leak or not work properly when not in an upright position. It is, however, a great cost effective option for a rider who may not need to depend on their battery in more extreme situations.

You can help prolong the life of your new snowmobile battery by preventing it from being drained too low and by keeping it at full charge by using a trickle charger like the Battery Tender. Keeping the battery stored in moderate temperatures will also help extend its life.

If you have any questions on which type is right for your sled, feel free to contact our tech support team. And when you choose one from Dennis Kirk, we will ship it to you the same day that you order it so you can be out riding in no time. Plus, orders over $89 receive free shipping.

Be sure to check out our Snowmobile Department for all of your snowmobile parts and accessory needs.