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There are plenty of different ways to realize that you need new skis, but almost none of them are pleasant. You might be struggling to control your sled; skidding through turns, struggling on sidehills. And while this is no fun, it’s better than other alternatives! Some of you have likely broken off your ski completely, whether it met a hidden stump or got jammed into a culvert. When it comes to breaking skis, we’ve seen it all. We’ve also seen just about every replacement there is. When it’s time for you to buy an aftermarket replacement ski, we hope that you consider Slydog Skis.

Slydog Skis are high quality skis offered at an affordable price. They make a great selection of skis, but we do have a personal favorite. Slydog Powder Hound Skis are a testament to how far the snowmobile industry has come. They use a snow induction process that improves cornering, and their unique design helps them float on top of all that thick, fluffy powder. If you find yourself taking on the deep powder of a mountainous backcountry, these skis might be perfect for you.

These are just one of many good options; they are not the only way to go! If you find yourself riding on the well groomed trails of the Midwest, then Slydog Trail skis could be exactly what you are looking for. No matter what kind of riding you’ll be doing, they’ll have the right skis for you.

Don’t forget to make sure that you have the appropriate hardware to mount your Slydog Skis! Slydog mounting hardware is sold separately but can be purchased right here on our website. When you finally have everything that you need, place your order! We’ll have your order waiting at your door in no time.