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There’s a lot going on in your Harley whenever you crank up the engine, and a lot of information that comes out of it. Knowing your RPMs, oil pressure and electrical voltage can let you know if there’s room to spare for a performance upgrade – or give you an early warning sign that something is going wrong. Whether you want to add more power now or avoid expensive problems later, quality Harley gauges and sensors from Dennis Kirk will give you the data you need to make it happen.

We have Harley digital gauges and analog gauges for everything from speed to tire pressure from great brands like Dakota Digital. Installing a plug-in Harley speedometer give you an accurate reading of how fast you’re going – and when used in conjunction with other gauges, it can tell you whether you need to change your gear ratio, add an oil cooler or make other modifications. Find your optimum cruising band with a Harley tachometer, or get a combination digital and analog gauge with color-coded indicator lights for instant recognition.

You can track nearly everything going in your engine and electrical system using Harley oil pressure gauges, oil temperature gauges, fuel gauges, voltage gauges and gear indicators. It you’re worried the data you’re receiving is flawed, we have a number of replacement sensor wires and adapters to renew the connection to the gauge. And if you want to know more about your surroundings, we also have clocks and outdoor thermometers to keep tabs.

Shop today to find the gauges that keep you informed, along with trip meter reset knobs, mounting hardware, decorative gauge accents and other accessories to make your dash illuminating in more ways than one. You’ll get free same-day shipping on any order from us over $89, along with the security of no-hassle returns. Some riders may be able to “feel” when something is wrong – but for the rest of us, information is king, and Dennis Kirk is here to make sure you receive it.