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Make your Harley-Davidson a true standout with a brand-new pair of floorboards. Not only do they add style to your bike, but they provide comfort and relaxation when you’re cruising on those long rides. Dennis Kirk has a wide assortment of driver and passenger floorboards for any Harley rider.

Floorboards are a great alternative to pegs when you need some extra space and comfort for your feet. As riders know, pegs can start to become uncomfortable on those longer trips, which is why floorboards are a great alternative. Because of this, many floorboards are intentionally lengthy and designed for riders to have several different foot positions. Other floorboards are small and more compact. These are referred to as “mini-floorboards” and combine the touring comfort of a standard floorboard with the size of a peg.

There are many great additions available for your floorboards. Passenger floorboards are a great option for your Harley, providing an added level of comfort. If you’re looking to add the convenience of a highway peg to your floorboard set up, flip blades are a great way to do that. They simply bolt onto the floorboard and fold out, locking into place when deployed. Floorboard inserts isolate the feet from vibrations for comfort when you ride. They are easy to replace and can be installed in place of stock pads.

Dennis Kirk features only the best brands including Kuryakyn, Custom Chrome and Arlen Ness. These brands use the highest-quality materials and incorporate the best custom looks to their product.

Kurykayn is a leading brand when it comes to custom Harley floorboards and foot pegs. Their floorboards come in a variety of finishes including chrome and gloss black. Driver, passenger and mini boards are all part of their selection. Not only do they offer your standard selection of floorboards, they also offer accessories, including boot guards, board covers and floorboard inserts.

Custom Chrome creates some of the world’s finest products for Harley Davidson and this includes their floorboards. Dennis Kirk carries their classic rectangular, universal mini, and half-moon floorboards as well as driver floorboard kits. Hardware, brackets and floorboards are brilliantly chrome plated.

Well-known for their unique designs, Arlen Ness floorboards create the perfect fusion of machined billet aluminum and rubber to give you the best construction possible. Arlen Ness floorboards have a sleek and contoured look that provides custom flair to your Harley.

Dennis Kirk offers free shipping on orders of $89 or more. Pull out all the stops and splurge on your Harley with some great-looking driver and passenger floorboards.