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A number of different Harley drive train systems have been used over generations of motorcycles. Modern Evo engine Harleys use a primary drive chain and final drive belt; many Pans and Shovelheads flip it around with a primary belt and final chain; and some older models are dual-belt or dual-chain. For those who love the lower cost, easier repair and higher power load of a chain drive or hybrid system, Dennis Kirk has an assortment of Harley sprockets and drive pulleys to keep you motoring all season long.

No matter how many sprockets your Harley needs, you can find all of them in our broad inventory. Our PBI and Drag Specialties rear wheel sprockets are made from steel and aluminum to stand up to the stress of a hard ride. For the front of your bike, PBI transmission mainshaft sprockets are machined and heat-treated to maximum load bearing, while their counter shaft sprockets have nickel plating that increases corrosion and wear resistance. Riders who want to switch from belt drive to chain drive can find Harley conversion sprockets, and we also have compensator sprockets to reduce power spikes.

Once the power has gotten to the transmission, our Harley drive pulleys will keep it going to the wheels. Andrews transmission pulleys are made for all sorts of 4-, 5- and 6-speed belt drive models, machined from gear-quality steel and designed to perfectly replace your stock pulley. For higher-end performance, an aluminum Belt Drives LTD pulley offers significant weight savings. And if you need a final drive pulley, we have beautiful aluminum rear pulleys that will perfectly fit both your drive belt and wheel.

While you’re here, make sure to also look at our sprocket spacers, dampers, pulley/sprocket adapters and other accessories to make your drive memorable. Find the models that fit your Harley with our easy-to-use fitment tool or by calling or emailing our mechanics. We’ve been the authority in Harley-Davidson drive trains since 1969, and will get you the parts you need at great prices for years of reliable service.