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If you’re the proud owner of a modern belt-drive Harley-Davidson, then you’ll get even better performance by using our Harley drive belts and belt drive system. Harley-Davison began using final drive belts in the 1980s to improve the overall experience for their customers. Riders tired of constantly oiling and cleaning their drive chains fell in love with the low-maintenance, low-noise belts. Adding a quality aftermarket drive belt to your Harley V-Rod, Touring or Sportster will help you get even more power on your next run.

Many different Harley drive train setups have been seen over the years, and we have them all covered at Dennis Kirk. Find primary drive belts, rear drive belts and final drive belts from the most respected manufacturers in the world. These Harley drive belts are made using reinforced rubber compounds that improve strength, preserve structural integrity and extend operating life. Gates primary drive belts contain high-torque polyurethane to outwork other OEM replacements, while Drag Specialties rear drive belts are reinforced with carbon fiber to improve tensile strength. And Carlisle drive belts have a self-lubricating cover and neoprene teeth that minimize vibrations and handle maximum torque.

You can also replace a failed system or upgrade for greater efficiency with a new Harley belt drive system. Each belt drive kit includes a premium belt, clutch basket and pulley designed to transfer more power to the wheels than you’ve ever felt. Find belt drive kits for kick-start models, belt drives with lock-up clutches, open-style belt drives, quiet clutch belt drives and many more. From trusted Belt Drives LTD systems to high-end Rivera Promo systems, we have every need and budget covered.

With all the Harley belt drive choices available, it can seem overwhelming. That’s why we provide our Find Parts Fast fitment tool to narrow down the selection based on your model and year. Many of our drive belts and systems also qualify for free-same day shipping, and all of them are eligible for no-hassle returns and exchanges.