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For adventure motorcycle gear, one brand rises above all others: Firstgear. The adventure motorcycling scene has taken off over the past few years, but Firstgear has been at it for much longer. For over 20 years they have been creating products that revolutionize and define the sport. The Firstgear credo is "any weather, any condition- any time." With their products you will be ready to conquer any and all obstacles that you will face on your next trip. At Dennis Kirk, we have all of the best Firstgear products for your next trip.

The Firstgear Kilimanjaro motorcycle jacket is the original adventure motorcycle jacket and the one that all others since have been patterned after. This jacket is made with the finest materials and is tested by real riders to ensure that it is the best product possible. The Kilimanjaro was designed with one thing in mind. That is that there is no bad weather- just bad gear. All of the other Firstgear jackets and gear are made with that same spirit, which ensures that it is top notch.

We understand that you want the best gear the next time you go for a ride and that is why we carry Firstgear products. With Dennis Kirk's large selection, you will be able to get all the gear that you need to make your next trip, the best trip.