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Brakes are admittedly not the most exciting aspect of dirt biking. They don’t speed you up, they don’t send you flying over jumps, and they don’t absorb the blow when you come crashing back down. However, they do slow you down as you come screaming into a berm, and we think that’s pretty cool too. Here at Dennis Kirk, we are all too aware that slowing down is just as important as speeding up. That’s why we make sure to carry the best selection of dirt bike brake pads on the market today.

We’d like to be able to tell you that there is one clear winner when choosing brake pads, but that just isn’t true. When it comes to choosing between the types and brands of brake pads, choosing what’s best for you largely depends on how and where you will be riding.

Your options for brake pads can be broken into three different types or categories. The categories are organic, semi-metallic, and sintered. Each type of brakes brings its own pros and cons to the table; we are going to do our best to explain these to you!

Organic brake pads are made of a combination of rubber, glass, Kevlar, and occasionally other nonmetallic materials. They are soft, easy on rotors, quiet and cheap. But, they don’t function as well while wet or muddy, which might be an issue if you find yourself ripping through the mud on a regular basis. They also tend to wear out the fastest.

Sintered brake pads are made of different metals compressed and heated together to form a pad. They are the toughest of all three options and are quite responsive. But, they are the most expensive option, the loudest, and they can cause some wear and tear on your rotors over time.

Semi-metallic brakes are the third and final option. Think of them as the middle ground between organic and sintered brakes, as this is where they fall in every trait that we’ve considered.

So, in short, if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the mud or racing, go with sintered. If you are a casual rider spending time on dry land, the organic brake pads should work just fine.

We hope that we’ve been helpful as you try to choose the right brake pads for your dirt bike. We’ll have them at your door as soon as we can!