Alpinestars Protection Backpack

  • Part #: 507720
  • Manufacturer Part #: 610700-10
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Overview of Alpinestars Protection Backpack

  • Provides a high level of rider safety pack is designed around the Alpinestars CE-certified Bionic Back Protector
  • Outer is a water-resistant fabric combination of 840D ballistic nylon twill and 420D honeycomb nylon with abrasion-resistant qualities for durability
  • Upper waist protection from side impact plates
  • Padded sleeve pocket engineered to accommodate the specifically-designed CE-certified Bionic Back Protector
  • Logo screen prints and reflective piping
  • Custom helmet compartment stores in the front of the pack when not in use
  • Self-locking zippers
  • Laptop compartment, internal organizers and external side pockets
  • Sternum straps with cord-management system and reinforced straps
  • Measures 11 in. L x 5 in. W x 18.5 in. H


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Finally a Review...

May 19, 2010

Well, after being unable to find a review on this for months, i decided to bight the bullet and purchase. Item arrived quickly from DC. I thought this was expensive, but after trying the Ogio no drag and returning it, it was the only other offering that had what I wanted: - Styling that could pass when used for other things other than riding (for $230 it should be able to summit everest with it right?) One area Ogio failed. -not be bulky while riding -Provide protection for y 15" macbook pro if I so decide to take it along somewhere (bike or not see above) -be able to carry my lid when i get where i'm going as my bike has no provision for a suitable lock So I'll try to keep it simple and still cover the issues that I believe relevant. Pros: -Get this, it's bionic back protecter compatible right? NO WHERE did I find it noted that the BACK PROTECTOR IS INCLUDED!! It's not the full version with the straps and Kidney belt but it's the same otherwise. It was $130 here so i decided the one inside my Vanson jacket would do and didn't buy it at the same time. I was very pleasantly surprised by this. They couldn't have tried harder to be less clear about that. None of the product literature noted this and the pictures very cleverly hide it's there. Anyway, big bonus in my book, definitely worth the money now. -Laptop pocket is roomy with my 15"MacBookPro. -Shoulder and hip straps are very ergonomic and comfy, although the hip pads are more like kidney protectors where they end up (i'm only 5'8") -It has a clever snap that holds it folded closed when it doesn't have anything in it, not sure why, perhaps when attaching the helmet to conserve turtle shell space. Interesting detail -Pack seems sturdy and pretty water resistant -hip strap seems offset in length one side to the other, i believe so that the actual buckle is off to your side so it doesn't scratch your tank. That's my speculation anyway. -back protector installed is confy and not even noticeable. -the thing fits SOLID and tight. I can actually see if I fell it would hold it's place and do it's intended job, although the hip/kidney pads and other "abrasion" pads don't seem very special, just rubber and mesh bumpers with some sort of padding inside. Oddly enough, they appear to be bolted on, so perhaps replaceable in the event of a fall from Alpinestars. Again, pure speculation, not listed in the typically sparse factory product literature. -It also doesn't appear that it will hit my helmet while i'm crouched like the Ogio. It really does fit well for my short torso/body. Now the cons in my opinion: -No hydration pocket provision. You could use the laptop sleeve, but after checking out the Ogio's very slick application of this, i was a little disappointed it wasn't an option -It doesn't have the clever quick exit/entry shoulder strap arrangement some of their older packs had/have. While it wasn't listed as a feature, it never was on their other packs either that had it, so i was hoping. -It's pretty small. I think it's ultimately about the same size as my tank bag for capacity. To check fit I was able to stuff in a pair of sneakers, and a couple of bulky sweatshirts, but with the laptop that was about it. I could have gone bigger with the Range, but that was too big. -The helmet net comes out of the bottom of the bag, and it's just that, a net. Not a sock like pouch that covers the whole helmet so it doesn't get scratches if you inevitably hit it on something while it's jutting out behind you (ogio did have a nice one of these). It's heavy duty and snaps in with very high quality d-ring like plastic/metal clips, but leave allot of paint exposed. While i'm on it, it sticks out so far off the back, i can't honestly see myself safely using it without hitting others around me with it. There are other ways to do it, in fact some of the other bags they sell use a totally different version, so there was no way to know unless i bought it. Not a deal breaker, just a downer So to summarize, Ogio No Drag was very high quality but hybrid harshell just wasn't useable anywhere else, and it kept hitting me in the back of the head. Range pack was too big. Deploy looked very promising, but no helmet provision (although this one's isn't feasible after all). The rest of alpinestars selection was just ugly to me. So there, sorry it's long, but it needed to be done. Hope it helps someone else on the hunt for a good bike backpack.

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By: from Maine

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