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Aftermarket skis are many rider’s first choice when it comes to sled customization, and this isn’t by accident. Ski designs are incredibly unique; every piece of their design works towards high performance. Skis have also become much more specialized. As aftermarket snowmobile parts become more common, manufacturers are working harder than ever to produce the perfect ski for you and your needs. Now all you need to do is pick the right ski for you!

The right ski for you depends a lot on where you ride. If you do a lot of mountain riding, a wider ski can help you stay on top of fresh powder and distribute front end weight more evenly. If you do a lot of trail riding, you might want to try a ski with a little more bite.

There is also the choice between metal skis and plastic skis, though it’s not much of a choice at all. Plastic skis are better in almost every way. They are lighter, they handle better, they slide through the snow better, they’ll never rust… The list goes on.

But if you find yourself buying metal skis, there is something you can do. Ski skins are a great way to put a plastic coat on your metal skis. It can’t change the weight, but it will help them slide through the snow and serves as a layer of protection against anything you might hit while riding.

C&A Pro Skis are a great option for riders in any terrain. Their comprehensive line offers a ski for any kind of conditions. From mountain riding to racing, all their skis are specialized for a certain set of conditions. They even created crossover skis, for people that do a little bit of both trail riding and mountain riding. Their crossover skis are perfect for midwestern riding conditions.

Whatever skis you choose, we hope that you like them! The sooner you place your order, the sooner we can ship them off; we had better let you get back to shopping. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk!