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Although they are small, idler wheels can cause big problems for your snowmobile when they become worn or start to malfunction. Positioned at several points, these wheels, also known as bogie wheels, allow your track to rotate the way it is meant to. And when your tracks turn easily and smoothly, your snowmobile runs powerfully and correctly.

On the other hand, if you have worn or damaged idler wheels, they can cause problems for your snowmobile. Worn or damaged bogie wheels and bearings can damage your skidframe, hyfax, shaft and track. Idler wheels can wear out with lots of use, but also can fail from lack of use, such as when you store your sled in a garage for a long period. It’s always smart to look for little problems before they become big ones. Like most problems, they seldom go away on their own.

Whether you are looking for snowmobile performance billet idler wheels or a 7-inch diameter idler wheel, snowmobile bogie wheels are available from Dennis Kirk at our always low prices with our always great service. We carry snowmobile bogie and idler wheels and bearings from leading manufacturers such as Kimpex, Slydog Skis and Parts Unlimited. Our inventory is huge, and because we stock what we sell, we can get any part out the door and to you fast.

We sell idler wheels to fit all kinds of snowmobiles and budgets. They come complete with bearings, ensuring excellent performance and durability. We offer low-priced exact-replacement rubber bogie tires that look like the originals but cost far less. Some customers even claim they outperform OEM equipment. You can also find top-of-the-line idler wheels at Dennis Kirk that have been designed to help cool your snowmobile hyfax while pushing snow and ice out of the sled’s rear.

If you have any technical questions, whether about snowmobile idler wheels, left or right-hand threads or any other issues, just call our technical support team or send an email. Our friendly customer service department is also ready to help answer any questions you may have about parts or ordering.