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When you hit the trails in the middle of winter, you always need to prepare for the worst. Unexpected snowstorms, ice storms and cold snaps can hit at any time and create a dangerous situation. Since being founded in 1980, Ortovox has been dedicated to manufacturing the best protective and emergency gear for alpine activities. Drawing from decades of experience in harsh German winters, the Munich company will help you endure tough situations or signal for help if you’re incapacitated. With Ortovox avalanche gear and shovels from Dennis Kirk, you’ll be ready for anything the winter throws at you.

From casual trail riding to being stuck on a mountaintop, Ortovox outdoor gear is up to any challenge. The Ortovox Avalanche Backpack is a marvel of modern design, and has been proven time and again over decades of extreme use. Sturdy construction and numerous compartments allow you to carry clothes, goggles, hydration systems, shovels and other supplies without compromising comfort. Whether you choose the Freerider, Powder Rider or Haute RT model, you get a virtually indestructible backpack that’s highly visible in low-light conditions.

If you or a friend ever does get stranded, the Ortovox Avalanche Transceiver is the way to find them. These dual-frequency transceiver beacons allow you to both send and receive signals while directing searches on the quickest route possible to victims. The Avalanche Zoom+ uses three-antenna technology to maximize reception area while protecting searchers from follow-up avalanches, while the Avalanche 3+ allows you to track multiple signal locations simultaneously. All transceivers are regularly updatable with the latest in searching technology.

As much as people love the winter trails, they also want to make it hope again, and ordering Ortovox emergency gear will help you get out of even the worst circumstances. Dennis Kirk has the lowest prices on Ortovox products, with free same-day shipping on orders over $89 so you’ll have everything in time for your next outing. Our support team is also available by phone or email for unmatched expert service in selecting the best outdoor gear for your needs.