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For many people, the most important fork in their day is the one they use for dinner. But for dirt bike enthusiasts, it’s the one connecting their front wheel to the rest of their machine. Dirt bike forks are the entirety of your front suspension, and they play an important role in how a bike handles when you’re on the brakes. With dirt bike fork parts from Dennis Kirk, you’ll be able to get just the right amount of rake, trail and brake dive to power through the turns of the nearest motocross course.

If your dirt bike fork is feeling sloppy and you’re having trouble in tight corners, it may be time for a rebuild. Moose fork bushing kits contain premium slider bushings and leg bushings that are Teflon-coated and dyno-tested for superior performance and durability. You’ll also want to replace your dirt bike fork seals with replacements from Moose, Parts Unlimited, Pivot Works or Leak Proof to prevent fork oil leaks. A simple pair of fork boots will protect your fork from dirt and debris, and make a style statement as well.

Racers and serious competitors will always hit the hole shot faster with a motocross fork launch control device. This component places more load on the front wheels to reduce the chances of doing a wheelie out of the starting gate, and releases easily with the push of a button. You can also get better performance by using a fork bleeder valve to release pressure that builds up when you change altitudes. And if the rebound feels off, a new set of fork springs will give you the right compression for your next ride.

Dennis Kirk has dirt bike fork parts for all the major motorcycle and fork manufacturers. Just enter your make, model and year into our Find Parts Fast tool to narrow down your selection. We’ve been making dirt bikes ride better since 1969, and have the knowledge and experience to make motocross forks handle like a champion no matter who’s behind the controls.